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(The program does not apply to restaurant dining customers)

Join the Hacienda Benefits Club and use them to splurge on yourself.

The best part? it’s totally free.

Earn points with every takeaway purchase at any of the Hacienda stores. It’s quite simple… you collect points, redeem them in euros, and enjoy exclusive offers & perks..
With every euro spent, you earn 1 point.

How it works


You eat, drink, & shop

Earn points for every euro you spend on products, merch, coffee & goods, and while picking up morning coffee or lunch on the go.

One euro = One point.


You earn more

More visits more rewards. Every time you visit and add points to your card, you earn more entries into our monthly sweepstakes with coveted gifts.


You redeem

Use your points for any product from any category in your takeout purchases

Membership Perks

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Hacienda Benefits Club

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