At the start of 2009, while walking through the center of Athens, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee caught the attention of Nikos Zervos in a little coffee shop. In a small corner, on Benaki Street he discovered TAF and quickly learned the buzz about “third wave coffee” that everyone was talking about.
After several amazing coffee drinks and learning more from the baristas and staff, Nikos knew exactly what he wanted to do... It wasn’t the best time to open given that Greece was in the height of the economic crisis, but Nikos went with his intuition despite what others told him. The first Specialty Café was opened in Crete (and one of the first in Greece) in September 2009 in Heraklion.
Although there was much buzz about town, there was also a lot of naysayers thinking that this project was a waste of time and money. Nikos ignored the naysayers and held to his vision.
For the first time in Heraklion terms like specialty coffee, latte art, and single estate coffee were heard across town.
Next, Giorgos Kontorinis brings his coffee expertise to our growing company to take it to the next level. We present five different single estates to the locals of Heraklion, and they love it.


Our own Giorgos (so young and handsome) wins 3rd place in the National Barista Championship, and we are so proud.

Giorgos Kontorinis


After seeing how the people really appreciated good quality coffee and well-trained baristas, Nikos & Giorgos decide to create a place where people can come to learn more about coffee, from bean to cup. They named it Coffee Studio and many great things took place there. Coffee Studio represents and is affiliated with Specialty Coffee and Horeca products, and offers education on products, services, and techniques.

Coffee Studio

Coffee Studio opened up its official school location at Andrea Papandreou 25 and was ready to teach the world about good coffee. A new journey begins...

Coffee Studio

Here, Giorgos is giving a captivating seminar to the students of the School of Tourism Professionals. The response showed us that we were on the right path.

Latte Art Seminar

Another fun workshop where we taught Heraklion how to make beautiful patterns in the foam topping of espresso drinks called Latte Art.

Latte Art Seminar


Hacienda is "born". Our first neighborhood Café opens with an emphasis on quality, well-trained staff, and good coffee. The acceptance exceeded our expectations...

Our secret to success is simple… good coffee, using local Greek companies and producers, having great staff, and offering unique coffee & goods.


Here Giorgos is participating in his 2nd Panhellenic Barista Championship but, He’s always number one to us.

Panhellenic Barista Championship


The first Nitro Cold Brew in Greece. Yup, it’s true, in the sweltering heat of the city of Heraklion, we brought Nitro Cold Brew to cool down and perk up the people.

Nitro Cold Brew


Here Giorgos is teaching a seminar with Coffee Studio at HORECA in Athens.


Here, our in-house expert, Giorgos is giving a presentation about Cold Brew at the Athens Coffee Festival.

Athens Coffee Festival


The second Hacienda is born along with the Hacienda Family. The beginning of this year marked an exciting time as we expanded and upgraded. Our menu now offered more choices and we began a new project with the bakehouse.



Soon after, the third Hacienda is built on Papanastasiou Avenue offering a new on-the-go philosophy as our 1st Bakeaway Café.

HACIENDA Papanastasiou

We appreciate good quality equipment and even visited the headquarters of La Marzocco in Florence, Italy. In one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, we were able to see the whole process of making these amazing coffee machines and how they really are works of art that are made by hand.

la marzocco

Hacienda officially becomes dog friendly and now offers fresh water and food to all furry friends.

Hacienda officially becomes dog friendly


We open our 4th location in the Center of Heraklion in the Historic Square of St. Catherine.

Hacienda Historic Square of St. Catherine

Our Bakehouse needs a new location because it’s outgrown its old one. We built a fully equipped modern bakery to meet our increasing demands and moved to Mafsolou street. You can enjoy all our freshly baked pastries and breads at any of our locations.

fully equipped modern bakery

Now offering delivery service. During these unknown times where people have spent more time at home, we decided to bring the Hacienda experience to you.


We want to know the whole coffee process and that’s why we went to one of our small-batch farmers in Costa Rica, to see it firsthand.

Costa Rica

The Brewhouse is created along with a new range of hand-crafted products to cool you down.


4000 members of hacienda benefits club can enjoy privileges and participate in raffles to win prizes.

Loyalty Card Hacienda


We decided to expand our product lines and now you will find more cool merch to enjoy your coffee on the go or at home.

New merchandise products


We now welcome our 2nd Bakeaway (making it the 5th Hacienda location in Heraklion) to the family located on Christomichali Xilouri Street.

HACIENDA Christomichali Xilouri

We are happy that three people of the Hacienda family participated in the finals in the Panhellenic Barista Championship at this year's Horeca.

Panhellenic Barista Championship